Monday, January 12, 2009

Marbury Again

More Flip fun here with the special Kaleidoscope mix- a flavour of our walk around Marbury Country Park on Sunday. It rained in the morning just as we got into the car so we got back out again and waited until the rain stopped - we are easily put off by the vagueries? of the weather.
Previously I had been finishing off some collages for a bookwork project a friend of Rick Cox is doing. Fourteen pages (A3) but folded strangley to A4 and a flappy bit .
Ive participated before and they are usually of a high quality - goodness knows why they ask me to take part!
Also dropped some collages round to Bill who is a friend and folk band colleague of Mike who invited me to take part in an exhibition in Manchester (Chorlton) next month - all collage work from people he has met on Flickr. Apparently Bill has something to do with the Northwich Folk Club. They play as a duo there sometimes and also in a Caleidh? band (not sure how you spell it ) for weddings and birthdays etc.

Thankfully it has been mild the last couple of days after the freezing weather of the last two weeks. Still ice on the lake at Marbury though and we had fun watching the gulls and ducks sliding across for the bread. A very fiendly robin at the bird hide and a mouse scuttling about in the brambles.

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