Friday, January 23, 2009

Rusty Cat Magnate

Another animation at Mini-Clip I made yesterday whilst the kettle was on.
Went to town today to look at trousers and then round the usual charity shops. Found a DVD of a sci-fi film with Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey called K-Pax which I'd not seen before. Also a biography of Tommy Cooper which i look forward to reading.
Some old women in the Salvation Army shop were discussing in loud whispers their various operations and surgical procedures - I kept hearing words like "blockage" and "tumour" so didnt stay long in there. They rarely have any bargains anyway.
Hazel is looking at websites of old aide memoires and getting inspired for her next project. It's time for tea and cake!

P.S. Hazel showed me a great photo she got for her Rusty Nails blog. It was a cat that had picked up a rusty nail on its magnetic collar. We assumed it had been rolling around in a shed trying to catch a mouse or a woodlouse or soemthing and the nail attached itself. Makes an interesting addition. Also the one found by the Ministerios Offioucosos of Kulture in Cuba. Mine, found by the side of the road in Northwich doesnt seem so interesting now - I will have to look for another -somewhere more exotic.


Roger Stevens said...

Looking at pants, eh? As I've remarked before - you have one helluva crazy time.

Word verification is mentle!

wastedpapiers said...

I leaveout all the other stuff we do as not to make everybody jealous. I must add the crazy story about the rusty nail that Hazel showed me soon after I'd written this rubbish.

word verification is- "dionte"

JB said...

Kpax is total carp

jb said...

the word verification was 'jimbo'

Anonymous said...

Thanks JB. Good job i only paid pennies for DVD then! I hate films about fish.

word verification is "exullopu"