Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mystery Parcel

A mystery parcel arrived yesterday with a knock at the door. A man was holing it and asked if this was the A.1.Scrap Metal Company - he'd thought he'd got the wrong address- obviously thinking he was looking for a factory premises of some kind.
Anyway he handed it over saying " Are you expecting more of these?" which I thought a rather odd question. What? parcels from Germany that rattle mysteriously? Could be. Who knows!
The mysterious rattle turned out to be some scrap metal from PLG who always finds interesting gadgets and gubbins for Hazel's blog. This time it was a few big railway nails with numbers embedded, a strange mini camping cooking stove/pot and a pencil with metal end. The small bottle or jar had broken sadly as you can see below but the metal lid was intact. Also incuded a plastic thing for hanging onto kettles? and two postcards

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