Friday, September 07, 2007

Back To School

Archie started back to school this week on Wednesday so it's back to the old routine. The plaintive squawks from his pre-recorded alarm clock message which sounds like martian to me down here. I have to go upstairs several times to chivvy him along saying things like "Your corn flakes are getting cold!" and " You'll miss the Chuckle Brothers!" which are usually greeted with groans and farting noises.

Breakfast is consumed and bags packed and lunchbox made and he's gone. Its a double music lesson today so that cheered him up. The new music block is equipped with Macs and keyboards and seperate rehearsal rooms for groups and drummers etc. so hopefully he won't get bored. He's missed several pinao lessons over the holidays but was inspired by the playing of Keith & Dini's kids when we visited them in London so hopefully he'll get back into it soon.

Went to town yesterday for short shufty round the shops and library. Hazel went and tried on dozens of boots in the new "factory seconds" shoe shop and didn't buy any of them- too brown or too large or too something or other.
The weather has improved and it looks like a nice weekend. Maybe we'll get that Indian Summer after all.

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