Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boot Sales Galore!

Well, two actually, which was fun though we didn't find many bargains. The First was at the Black Greyhound pub car park next to the Bengal Dynasty curry house. I found a few Steptoe and Son videos for 25p each but when I got them home realised I had most of them anyway! Hazel bought a small light bulb on it's original card. Archie didn't get anything and moaned all the time about how cold it was and how he wished he'd stayed in bed - we wish he had too!
The other boot sale was in Anderton and was larger and had a community hut to go in where tea was served and more stalls were set up. I found a video of Ricky Gervais's second live show "Politics" which should be amusing. Hazel found two metal "stitch holders" which look like large elongated safety pins. Archie stayed in the car reading the Sunday Times.
After lunch we watched abit of "This Is Elvis" that recorded from BBC2 last night and then went out for a walk before we turned into potatoes! Went to Marbury with our stale bread to feed the ducks and geese. It was quite crowded with lots of families for the sponsered walk for the forgetful old people society ( I can't spell outzymers ? ) . It sated to drizzle so we didnt stay long. Bumped into our old neighbours who were walking for charity.
Here we are in the bird hide but no birds to be seen - birdfeeders and tables empty still with no seeds or nuts. Its best in the winter when they flock to the birdfeeders and you can see all kinds of birds there.

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