Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bootless and Be-wild-ered.

No boots this week , at least none in the local paper. I was hoping to see Betty yestrday in the charity shop, as she knows where they all are and is usually taking her stall to one or the other. But the oracle Betty was not there.
Instead we helped Archie start his summer project which he needs for art class tomorrow which was to make a scrap book from an old book and glue down all the pages in clumps of ten for some reason. His art teacher does have some weird ideas!
Also he had to collect pictures of old buildings, churches, stained glass, windows, doors and Gaudi. Luckily I found a book already snipped from the collage pile of architecture which contained all he wanted and more. Dad's have their uses sometimes.

This afternoon we went to Shackerly with a pile of stale and mouldy bread grabbed from the bin and dusted off. It's the first time we'd been for a while and good to have a walk and admire the ducks a dabbling. Also swans a swanning and geese a goosing or whatever it is they do. Amazing V's and chevrons of honking geese overhead these last few days- all heading North or maybe West? I thought they all went South for the Winter? Maybe just a test run to try out the old feathers and flaps.

Also saw two mice and vole gambling in the undergrowth by the lake. We sat for ages on a bench and watched them running up and down the fallen branches of half submerged trees and ina moss covered stump. Ah nature! The wiff of the M6 and the sillage pit. The leaves turning a darker and autumnal green - lost all they bright green of the summer. Very mild though still.

Now waiting for the spinach bake to brown and spuds to sizzle.


Roger Stevens said...

Just played the Chuckle Brothers bits on your sidebar. I've always been a big fan. I always thought they were Italian for some reason.

I'm in the middle of packing. Surrounded by boxes and clutter.
Just having a quick break for lunch.

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Roger. Are you going somewhere? I thought you had already moved? How was Norway?
I always though there was only two Chuckle Bros. but in one clip from ages ago it seems ( leeds city varieties? ) they had four brothers ! I wonder what happened to the other two?

Roger Stevens said...

Norway was fab. had a lvely time in th fjords. Well, we are living in London now, but selling our house on 21st September. So I'm busy packing everything into boxes.

Including lots of boxes of collage stuff and old mailart stuff which we hope to be reunited with in two years time when we move again to France.

I wonder too. That was my favourite clip of the four.

Roger Stevens said...

PS Just been playing the B compilation. Some interesting stuff there - and great fun. Especially the guy who sounds like he must have been the model for Harry Enfield. Did you send the others one? I wonder what they'll make of your rather eclectic mix?

wastedpapiers said...

Good to hear you've sold your lovely cottage Roger. Good luck with all that packing. I can sympathise with the mail art problem.
Ive cut back on mine now and so hardly get any which is a shame but our coal shed is full to the ceiling! Nutty slack!

Awaiting your Norwegian poems with keen anticipation!

It seems the two older Chuckle Brothers now go under the name of the Patton Brothers and still work with the Chuckles from time to time but mostly do panto.

I just sent you a "C" comp which hope you have by now. The others did not respond so have made a new list of others who might. Its too good an idea to flounder. Once we've worked our way through the alphabet we can start on themes like "fish" and "animals" ( probably lump the fish in with the animals!)

Fish are a good source of brain food as is the Ginkyo tree and Omega 3. I've just been reading about it.

Roger Stevens said...

You will get one from the others - but it may take some time...

Sorting stuff in the garage is fun. A mouse ran up my arm yesterday. Might write a rhyme about that...

wastedpapiers said...

hickory dickory darn and mouse ran up me arm

yes, I'm very impatient. I'm thinking about the next letter of the alphabet already. I might do "F" and include the Fall and Family as I was listening to both today- but finding other effs might be a bit tricky!

Jonathan said...

I went to see Michael Palin the other night...
Reading from his diaries (1969-1979. the Python Years)
Quite clever and a good salesman, as I was convinced to buy the book... 600 pages!!!
As I was in line to get it autographed I was asked whose name I'd like in it (I suppose they meant who to dedicate it to)... I responded that I was hoping that he'd sign it "Michael Palin".
When I finally got up to the signing table (I was in line longer than he'd read) I asked if the signing wasn't tedious. He told me that he never got tired of writing his own name. I asked if his check book was handy... and was shuffled along...

wastedpapiers said...

600 pages!! sounds a bit daunting to me- a magazine article is about my limit these days.
Some people just love signing things. Peter Blake once signed 10,000 limited edition prints included in his 1990's retrospective catalogue at the the Tate. I actually wrote to him as I suspected they were all faked in some way and he wrote back to assure me he'd actually sat down and signed them over a number of weeks. I bet he had repetitive strain syndrome after wards!

How is Sylvia these days Jonathan- we hardly ever hear from her?