Monday, September 17, 2007

Doctor Syrup

I mustn't sit here typing this for long as I'm convinced it's bad posture, crouched over the computer is giving rise to my back and leg problems. I went to the doc's this morning and he said it was probably this and I should put warm compresses on and continue with the ibruprofun. If it hasnt gone in two weeks I should go back again and maybe have some articulation or whatever it's called. X rays are a last resort he said as the rays are not very good for you.

Archie did this amusing collage I saw on the front of his sketch book. A chip off the old block eh?
Here's a drawing from inside-

I'm going now and not sitting down to computers for the rest of the day. I wonder if a can?


swapatorium said...

I hope your back is back to normal in no time!

Great collage Archie!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Angelica. Not sitting down at the computer is a lot harder thaN I thought! I have been restricting my time at it though and try to stand up and move around more whilst typing which is quite tricky!

Archie did another great collage on the front of his Architecture journal/book for school - I'll have to scan it for you.