Friday, July 30, 2004

The trouble with the Flickr photos is that the ones we upload seem to be all the same size though the jpegs from other websites are of different sizes? I don't really understand why but anyway here's an old postcard from a mail art show in Spain which breaks up the monotony a bit.
In a mo. we are off to Winsford to get Archie and see the presentation and wind up of Summer School week. I think Archie is really glad it's over despite enjoying the science workshops. he would have preferred to to do another subject other than drama which is not really his strong point. Which is a shame as his new High School has just been given special Performing Arts status!

Postcard for Bikini project
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.


j0llyr0ger said...

The flickr is not so grate because they do not actually show your images. If you will notice closely, the what you see on flickr hosted image- the images have been embedded into flash for some unimaginable and stupid reason.

Many blogger and livejournal users who want to posting of images use This is (it is think) free but is not used by the j0llyr0ger so confirmation by him is not available.

This option is of the advantage that real actual images are shown instead of flash-embedded images which is much nicer and more user-friendly to the browsers looking at your things.

michael said...

Yes, but the trouble with PhotoBucket is that it doesn;'t have that handy "blog This" button which us porr unfortunates who are unfirmiliar with HTML find irrisistible!