Monday, July 26, 2004

It's Monday - time to split some atoms

It's Archie's first day of Summer school in Winsford - a week long programme for Gifted and Exceptional Children picked by a short-sighted canary from a big hat. Today he hopes to be doing some astro-physics at Jodrell Bank. Tomorrow it's exploring the G-nome and Wedneday, curing all known diseases. He had a feeling he had chosen German by mistake!
I went into town to find that illusive last minute present for Hazel's birthday. I did better than that! I got a comedy classics CD with Spike Jones and Arthur Askey etc. A new Argos catalogue and carton of soya milk!
She was getting excited about her Abbey shares now that a spanish bank had taken them over. Turns out they are worth 543 pence each NOT 543 pounds! Blast! So we won't be getting that new car or house extension after all.

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