Sunday, July 25, 2004

boot sale challenge

It's raining again.The boot sale will be a wash-out. What a shame- I was looking forward to rummaging through boxes of old scratchy records and CD's. You never know what might turn up. A few weeks ago I found a boxed set of Fats Domino for £4. Four CD's of wonderful New Orleans boogie and rock 'n' roll from the early 50's. Some weeks you have to make do with a warped copy of Charlie Drake's Greatest Hit, but very welcome all the same.
Today it would have been the Cowpat Field at Peover, a small village some 4 or 5 miles away.The scruffy man in the turban who scratches his crotch just before you hand him the £1 entrance fee soon caught our eye. The "toilets" are a small piece of corrogated iron leaning against a hedge. Needless to say we tie a knot in it until we get home. The car's suspension is severely tested going over the tussocky field and if you're lucky there isn't a cowpat waiting to be stepped in as you get out!
It's not just records ofcourse - you can buy almost anything. Sheds and attics have been cleared so the range of stuff is amazing. Also you get the boot sale tradespersons who specialise in plants or jewellry, videos,pirate DVD's,household items, antiques, books, garden gnomes etc. etc.
It's still raining. Blast! Guess I'll have to wait 'til next Sunday.


Roger Stevens said...

It's sunny here in East Sussex, although there are a lot of grey clouds in the sky. We are about to embark upon a short walk through the lovely countryside.
It's glorious here. Just the sort of place you would love to visit for, say, a week's summer break.
Easy to get to, as well, say, from a place like Northwich. All motorways, lots of breaks to ease the stress of driving.... that sort of thing.

michael said...

Don't rub it in - we feel bad enough already!

Roger Stevens said...

What you need is a holiday break. How about a... (etc)