Friday, July 23, 2004

One for the twitchers

Whilst in the Country park we were sitting by the lake feeding the ducks with our leftover picnic scraps when a twitcher( bird spotter )dressed in khaki and festooned with binoculars and cameras, plonked a big tripod down scaring off all the ducks and proceded to scan the reeds on the other side of the lake for something more interesting than your common or garden mallard! He didnt even acknowledge us or say sorry for disturbing our simple pleasures. I resisted the temptation of pushing him in.
A Homage to Joseph Cornell
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Roger Stevens said...

You could have accidently nudged himm whilst retrieving your grease-proof sandwich wrapping which had been caught by the wind and olanded just behind him as he adjusted his stance.

michael said...

I never thought of that!