Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Boot Sale Peeps

Several boots on today at Weaverham, Hartford , Lostock and Verdin Park but I think the Verdin Park one got cancelled as we overheard someone saying the gates were locked and so they came to Weaverham instead- indeed a big backlog of cars and vans outside when we arrived. We were a bit earlier than usual. Archie had stayed in bed.
Weaverham was the biggest and best with stalls spilling onto the playing field and in the playgrounds and car parks. I got a great little Sony mini-disc player with some discs for a few quid which works perfectly - so made up for the rubbishy one I bought a few weeks ago. Hoping to get a microphone for it so I can make some "field recordings".
Also got a couple of game and a Tin Tin book in french for Archie, hoping it would help his french study.
Hazel bought a few odds and ends including garden tape and flower arranging spikes, and odd metal things we can only guess the use of! Also some plants and bananas.
At the next one at Hartford which was only a third as big- I didnt find that much but Hazel bought a few more metal doo-dads and an old Super 8 projector ( Bell & Howell ) which weighs a ton for such a small thing!

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