Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sneezin' Dan McGrew

Percy and chum. 1913
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Whoever he might be? I'm certainly doing my fair share of sneezing and snorting at the moment - full of this cold that Archie has passed onto us! Hazel has it too so fighting over the boxes of tissues and paracetamol and the hundred and one other cold medicines we seem to have aquired in our First Aid cupboard!
I did stagger into town yesterday, for exercise more than anything. It snowed on me half way and the big flakes turned into small grains of rice by the time I got to the railway bridge and then they vanished and the weather improved a bit. I didn't find much on my charity shop trail - just a story tape for Archie ( another stocking filler) and some CD's from the library. I found the latest from Futureheads, The Bravery and Arcade Fire which I've heard lots of good things about and enjoyed them when they were on Jools Hollands show on BBC2.
Hazel found this old postcard at the boot sale ( or was it me?) It's of Percy and his "chum" in Liverpool of all places in 1913. One wonders if they were sent off to the war a year later, and what became of them.
Glad to get home after walking back in the cold, to a nice warm house.
A nice pile of mail for a change with a wonderful envelope full of little home-made books from William S.An Ivor Cutler CD from Pamela and a packet of lovely collaged postcards from Angelica in Texas.


scrapatorium said...

Wonderful photo! I have a few studio shots of men dressed as cowboys with the big wooly chaps like yours. I guess they were considered exotic or something. My faves are the ones with the women dressed as cowboys.

Roger Stevens said...

Yeah, and I quite like the cows dressed as women.

It's all a bit quiet webwise at the moment, don't you think?

Maybe it's excitement at the coming holiday season.

Or maybe not.

michael said...

Its certainly very quiet over at Searching For Blue Sea Grass. How was Scottie Bunland? I can't get too excited about Crimble - it would be nice to hibernate until it was all over.

Roger Stevens said...

The cows ate the bluegrass. So now it's sea glass. You know, the stuff that gets buffed up by the ocean.

I bet young Archie's excited though...