Thursday, November 24, 2005

Flo's typing her memoires.

Make it go away!
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Thats what it sounds like anyway but really just the water dispenser wired to her hutch being used.
Just back from town looking rather windswept but it's milder today despite the hail stones bouncing off the window just now. Quite windy too. Leaves everywhere. I didn't find much though a good copy of Tim Hunkin's book about Everything for a pound in a charity shop.
Yesterday we were startled by someone rattling our front door - I assumed it was the postman trying to force a large packet through our letterflap. I opened the front door and this woman was in our porch with a big bunch of keys trying frantically to remove one from our key-hole! She looked startled and said "Is this Mr. Wilberforces house- she phoned to say she was stuck in bed?" Seems she was from the Social Services or the Council Help Squad or something and had got the numbers mixed up. The house she wanted was on the other side of the road about 10 doors down! Oh how we laughed!
I got a nice packet from an old tape swapper pal who had sent me a cassette of some rare Johnny Standley and Spike Jones he had found. I put some tracks on my Boot Sale Sounds blog. Coincidentally another tape swapper Jim in Basingstoke phoned during the day to find out if I had anything new. I told him I'd just been to the dentist for a check-up and got a 30 minute tale about the misfortunes that have befallen his gnashers over the last 30 years! Thankfully nothing alarming happened at the dental surgery- just a routine check and hygenist scrape and polish afterwards. Glad to get that over with - I've never been very good at going to the dentist but better than I was.

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