Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Goodbye Gloomy Tuesday.

Oxfam Disturbance
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
More rain today so stayed in to collage and blog a bit before Hazel got up and wanted to do some college work. Archie has gone round to James' Grans to play until dinner. I think we might have Broccoli Cheesy bake tonight - comfort food when the weather is like this.
Yesterday I walked into town and did the ususual tour of shops and the library etc. I didn't find much just some wrapping paper to wrap some early crimble presents that are starting to accumulate. I hate last minute shopping so have to start sometime in September!
Have been listening to some recording of the Tom Robinson show on 6 Music whilst collaging and he's playing some great stuff including Maximo Park , Field Music and a band called Viva Voce, who have a great new single out. His guests are good too- last night it was Andy Partridge of XTC fame playing songs from his boxed set of "Apple" demos and oddities that didnt quite make it to the XTC albums.


hazel said...

thats the Oxfam in Knutsford isn't it?

michael said...

How can you tell? Is it all the Knuts I added?

Roger Stevens said...

Nice picture of you and Hazel sneaking in dressed as penguins.

Cocaine Jesus said...

And nice too see that Roger has grown a beard too.

Roger Stevens said...

Do you like it? I plan to dye it green for our next excursion.

michael said...

We are actually inside the shop buying all the scratchy records and hideous blouses- or is it the hideous records and the scratchy blouses?