Friday, November 04, 2005

Something Wonderful

Something Wonderful
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Glad I went into town yesterday as it's drizzly today and hasn't stopped all morning.
I've been catching up with the mail and making some quick collaged postcards for the Postcard Swap at Flickr.
I also burned a couple of tracks of Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtnedge for Boot Sale Sounds which I will add later today.
Yesterday I walked into town and back for exercise and went round the usual haunts, the Post Office, the library ( sale ended!) and the charity shops. I found a Rolf Harris LP for 50p in the red Cross shop which cheered me up. Sad eh? Its one I'd never seen before from 1973- the first variety concert at the newly opened Sydney Opera House. I added a couple of tracks to Boot Sale Sounds too.
Archie was 20 minutes late coming home from school so I naturally got worried and phoned the school to find out if he was still there. He turned up thankfully about 5 minutes later saying he's had to stay behind to draw a diagram for Miss Revel of where James had been kicked in the goolies by another boy. Poor James ,but it did make me smile. The phone rang a few minutes later and the teacher said they couldn't find him so I had to explain what had happened.
I borrowed a couple of CD's from the library- the hits of Basement Jaxx and a solo outing by Richard Thompson.
Also I bought some tap washers in town as the bathroom sink hot tap has been dripping annoyingly for the last month or so and was driving me mad. Amazingly after I had found the right tools in the shed it was quite easy to do. The old washer had disintegrated so surprised it hadn't been dripping more! Quite sense of achievement at completing such a simple task without a mild attack of Tourette's or throwing the monkey wrench out of the window!


Roger Stevens said...

Ah yes, drawing diagrams after school. Those were the days. Jackets for goalposts. Flicking chewed up blotting paper on the end of a ruler.

And so - it was you was it who threw that monkey wrench out the window?

And I still can't quite get the hang of Flickr. How do you send photoes to people?

scrapatorium said...

Your days always seem so full Michael. It seems that I have such a dull routine that I could never write about what I do all day. Regardless, glad you found a record and that it wasn't Archie that got kicked in the goolies. (funny word... I had never heard it before!)

michael said...

Roger, you see those doodads around your photo when you click on them? Go to the "All Sizes" one and you get a html code of your photo to use or else just downlaod to your desktop and send as a jpeg.

Angelica, I guess some days are busier than others. I try to make them sound interesting. Goolies is a funny word and very different from Ghoulies! James seemed o.k. when he came round the following day to play on the PS2 with Archie.