Thursday, November 10, 2005

Charity Market

Big Fish Postcard
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It was the annual charity market today when all the stalls in the market hall are taken over by Greenpeace, Help The Otter, Mrs. Quimby's Slug Sactuary etc. Sadly they didnt advertise it very well and hardly anybody there. I only noticed a tiny poster in the Information Centre window quite by chance whilst looking at a poster for Jet Harris, on at the Winford Community Theatre (or whatever it's called?) in September.
So plenty of room which was good for me at least and I found a few stocking fillers, a nice cajun comp. Cd on the Ace label but alas no scratchy records suitable for Boot Sale Sounds. Last year I got a few so I had high hopes. Still, my plaid plastic shopping bag was heavy enough and i would have splashed out on a bus home if I'd seen one coming.
I found a CD by Kirsty MacColl in the library that I'd not heard before too.

Later I went out again to get some much needed wood chippings and pellets for Flo from the pet food shop nearby. They only had a giant sized "bale" of wood shavings so my arms were even longer by the time I got them home!
Angelica's parcel to Hazel has been full of suprises and we gather round every evening to see Hazel open another wrapped box of goodies. Angelica is obviously finely tuned to Hazel's wavelength via her blog as the gadgets and metal objects she has found are absolutely the things Hazel would dive on at boot sales if she could ever find things as bewitching as the patented Keyhole Lock or the folding set of wire coat hangers. The last box was opened tonight after she got home from college and inside was a beautiful travelling sewing set with thimble ,miniature cotton reels, needles and a wooden cone (?) that all snugly fit togther in a metal tube. As if this wasn't enough there was also a small lilliputian tin of Cork Grease and a splendid vintage Key Ring Hook on it;s original card. How Angelica is able to part with such wonders is beyond us! I expect it won't be long until they are all displayed proudly on Hazel's BLOG for all to see and admire.


swapatorium said...

Wow, another busy day for you! Seems like there is always some sort of show out there. Here, it's pretty much only on the weekends, but I guess we have plenty of thrift stores and antique shops to keep us busy. We need to figure out a way to ship you old novelty records...

So glad that Hazel liked all her metal things. We have fun hunting them down for her. Gives us something else to be on the lookout when shopping. Tell her the hangers were from John. He spotted them on a table at an antique fair. I didn't even know what they were since they were folded. Quite a clever design.

michael said...

Sadly, the charity market is only once a year in November and geared towards the festive season rapidly approaching ( help!) and some of the stalls are full of home -made wooly teapot covers, doilies, etc. and 50% , if not more, are those pot-luck stalls where you buy a aticket for a pound . pulled from a drum, and you win the prize with corresponding ticket on the stall. Some stalls are just full of household stuff, old tins, bottles of weird drink etc. I'm always very unlucky and end up with the bath salts or the hand knitted frisbee or something that ends up going back to the charity shop a few weeks later!

Hazel really can't thank you enough for the great metal gadgets and whatnots. They are all very special and treasured items that have certainly found a good home! Thanks to John for the Hangers. He obviously has a keen eye too!

Syl said...

Sounds like you had quite the workout toting things. Goodness, Christmas is right around the corner. Just made my first purchase...for little relatives and one for me...from Roger's new book which you illustrated. Can't wait to see!

michael said...

A good choice for a present i would say, but I'm biased ofcourse. I cant believe it's Chrimble already upon us and Summer just gone! Autumn seems to last for a week these days! pretty windy here today but eased off now. Archie had to make a trebuchet catapult from wood today at school - a special making things day. He said they had to throw them all away at the end as they didnt want anyone to hurt themselves! Mad "Health and safety rules and regulations" crippling this country where everyone is afraid of being sued. Even burglars can sue victims now if they trip over loose rug whilst out robbing! The whole world's gone mad!

Roger Stevens said...

Jet Harris at the Winford Community Centre? Has it come to this?

Have just been watching Archie's Kenkeneb animation.

It's absolutey hilarious. I laughed out loud. Top marks, Archie.

michael said...

Glad you got it and enjoyed it Roger. Archie will be chuffed I'm sure. he's just gone out with his Mom to Aldi and to buy a set of strings for his geetar which has started to sound weird. The strings are over 20 years old which might explain it!
Maybe it was the Community Centre but the one above the library. They had the Searchers there too recently.