Friday, December 02, 2005

Overtaking the slow cars.

Beatle Beat
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I think they must have been digging the road up somewhere because the traffic was at a crawl today into town. It was quite nice to actually walk faster than they were moving and get there before them. I felt quite smug and healthy as they fumed in their Ford Mondeos and Robin Reliants etc.
No rare Beatle Beat record at the Oxfam today. Nothing infact. I got some butter, bread and bananas- everything beginning with the letter "B".
Ex-Beatle George was next on the Concert for Bangla Desh DVD borrowed from the library. I never saw it at the cinema so nice to see now. The hair in it was phenomenal! Everyone had beards and moustaches, even the women!
Bought a video at the library sale too for a quid. "24 Hour Party People" with Steve Coogan and Peter Kay. It's about Tony Wilson and the Manchester rock scene of the 80's. I think Peter Kay plays Morrisey in it.
Walked home despite the heavy bag of shopping. Collected all the hair and fluff in the bedroom. Hazel is going to knit a vest with it. Hoovered the rabbit and cleaned out the hutch. Those big Sunday papers are so useful aren't they?


Syl said...

Oh....wonderful stuff you got. Harrison's Bangladesh...never saw it either. Other than being hairy, did you like the music? Watched a tribute to George, with Avi Shankar, that was wonderful!
Wow, now that sounds like cool Hazel project, the vest of collected ephemera!
Also, check out my Crosby,Stills, & Nash jacket pic comment. I swear it looks like your collages!
Dear Flo...hope you remembered a sweet carrot for her. Now that is one "caged" animal that is livin' at the Ritz!
Hi to all!

michael said...

The music is great ofcourse. Very nostalgic. The only gripe would be that the band was far too big. Ringo and Jim Keltner on drums! Just Ringo would have been fine and the brass section and the choir and the addition of several guitarists and two organ players! A bit of a wall of sound going on! But George was into that back then i guess. It worked best for me when just him and another guy from Badfinger ( all playing backup too in the big band!) played a duet and a lovely version of Something.

Roger Stevens said...

The George music stands up really well. And lies down and has a rest and then sits about and then stands up really well again.

I've been after the Bangladesh album for donkey's years. Now it's rereleased and tarted up it's available again - and so it's on my Chrimble list.

Talking of which - please ask Hazel to give us a ring when you're not around.

I'm jealous of your Beatle Beat!

michael said...

Thanks Roger. Hazels not very good at phoning people so an email would be better perhaps or you could phone her and I would go out of the room and listen at the key-hole?
The Beatle Beat looks better than it sounds I imagine but not having a 78 rpm function on my deck doesnt help. I feel fine though and yesterday I found a Savoy Truffle in an old brown shoe.