Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Excursion to Crewe.

The market was pretty quiet at Crewe today with half the stalls taken over my xmassy things like holly wreaths and wrapping paper etc. Hardly any junk to look through. I didn't find one bargain which is unusual for me. Hazel got a few stocking fillers though and the pork pie her Mom wanted. Also some spinning tops.
We decided not to look for the bigger shops like Currys and Dixons etc. and come home again as we were hungry.
Archies gone to see the "Narnia" film today with the school and this afternoon an assembly and prize giving. After we are going to see Granma Jones as it's her birthday.


cemenTIMental said...

Thanks for the DVD of Archie's animation! Really good stuff, great comedy timing!

I found the singing sheep particularly funny for some reason! :)

Have a great Christmas!

michael said...

Thanks Tim. Glad you enjoyed it.