Monday, December 19, 2005

Week Buzzing By!

Make a Buzzing Snap Fly!
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Its hard to keep up sometimes - this last week seems to have whizzed by. Time to catch up.
On Wednesday went into town again and found a DVD of old Felix the Cat films from the 20's. They hadnt even been digitally restored - just filmed as they were projected onto an old bed sheet hung up between some railings in an industrial estate somewhere? Hazel went for staff meal at weird shack in seedy part of Manchester. she said it was lovely food but the photo of the outside looked pretty scary with old car tyres and rubbish lying about outside the mean streets.
Thursday was mostly forgotten. I sent out some more cards I think?
Friday I walked into town again for some exercise and swapped the dodgy PS2 controller for a new one as it had been sticking and driving us mad. The shop assistant happily swapped it but said most people dont bother to bring them back as they "obviously will wear out if you use them a lot" and are happy to buy another! What an idiot!
Also got some ink cartridges at a reduced price but even so they were very expensive. We tried the recycled ones but they last 5 minutes.
Watched the last of Bleak House which has been very enjoyable - the best thing on the telly all week apart from Creature Comforts.
Went to see the new King Kong film on Saturday which was excellent but very l-o-n-g! Too long really. I think they could have trimmed at least 30 minutes off it. Cinema only half full despite a big Q to start with.Hazel dropped us off at the Regal and went shopping for three hours as she didnt fancy three hours of screaming and monkey noises.
Very cold with a thick frost over the weekend.
Went to our old neighbours place in the nearby village for drinks and "light supper". I drank three glasses of mulled wine and felt very Christmassy ( tiddly).
Today it was the shopping again and a haircut. I can feel the wind whistling round my ears now. Hazel has been clearing out cupboards of junk and throwing more stuff away. Finding things for her blogs and some old sketchbooks.
The "Snap Fly" was an invention for SNAP comic which folded soon after I was introduced to it by Ivor Cutler. Typical! This was my first and last commission. It was published by Walker Books who had offices just around the corner from where we used to live.


Syl said...

Sounds like busy busy time for you. Same here...the odd holiday party and late again sending out cards. Keith Bates has been sending Jonathan some of his latest songs...some with Roger in them! Great listening! Well, tis the season to be jolly...hope it's a good one for you, Hazel, and Archie.

michael said...

Thanks Syl. I hope you got our card? I'm pretty sure i sent one though I have been known to send people two and others none! The songs sound like fun. I look forward to hearing them too maybe.

scrapatorium said...

Whew, I got tired just reading your entry! I finished all my cards and gifts early. Those people that don't get homemade Christmas cards (I got tired of making them!) will get New Year's cards. That's a good way for me to split up the list. Still, can't wait for all this madness to be over! I'm tired of the crowds and hustle and bustle.

cemenTIMental said...

I really enjoyed Kong too... I didn't think it was toooo long; It certainly was excessively long, but I could have happily watched another couple of hours of it I think! :) Some reallly amazing scenes.

A friend of mine from college was a lead animator on the film, which is pretty good going!

michael said...

If I'd had a more comfy chair and some breaks to walk about and stretch my legs maybe I could have enjoyed the last half hour more!
Impressed by your friend's quick rise to lead animator!

cemenTIMental said...

Yeah... they should bring back intervals! They had one in the first Harry Potter movie and LOTR (in some screenings at least?) ...

michael said...

In our local cinema, the Regal, they have an old billboard from the 50's with posters on it for future attractions and nearly all had two films per programme- the "A" and the "B" picture. A newsreel in the middle too I expect. Some great double bills- "The Vampire" with "Frankenstein" etc. Also a great collaged mural inside the foyer of old posters from the 60's and 70's. I'll have to take a photo of it one day.