Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Archie 's Interview.

We were searching through Google to see how Archie was doing with his animations and came across this INTERVIEW from the Cornerhouse website that was alos published in their monthly magazine. Also a whole page of mentions about the various film festivals his films have been seen at and mail art sites I have dropped his name over the years.


scrapatorium said...

Very cool! I wish I was this passionate about something when I was Archie's age. Having two creative parents to influence him must be the key!

michael said...

We like to think so ofcourse. My parents had some talent for drawing and doodles by the side of the crossword but other than that I don't know where my artistic streak came from?

Syl said...

Neat interview! He sounds so grown up...and I guess he is. Pretty amazing his accomplishments at such an early age. Nothing's holding him back...look forward to seeing future work!

cemenTIMental said...

Glad to see Archie's animation stuff is going well!

Sorry I've not really been in touch or sent anything exciting for aaaages... :(

I think one new years resolution will be to actually do a bit of mail art again!!!

I found a quite fun tape at a charity shop of saw music and radiophonic workshop type silliness which I've made a CD version of, will send you a copy some time.

I've become slightly obsessed with audio cassettes; finally got a decent hifi recorder 2nd hand so have been digging out old tapes and scouring charity shops for new ones! :) I find there's usually a wider selection than of vinyl... weirder stuff on tape... plentiful and cheap since noone cares any more ;_;

Nice change from CDs and MP3s...

Also I'm recording a master cassette for RRR records' legendary 'recycled music' series; they release editions of 100 cassettes of noise recorded over boring mainstream prerecorded tapes from the 80s/90s, with a label over the original inlay... nice idea... mine's gonna sound truely horrible! :)

Bye for now,
If I don't communicate again before then, Hope you all have a great christmas and new year!!!

michael said...

I guess he is growing up fast Syl - he's almost as tall as Hazel now!
Nice to hear from you Tim. Look forward to those weird tape sounds. I never have much luck with tapes - they all seem to be 80"s bands like Wham or U2 or MOR stuff that I can't stand.
No decent finds in the charity shops lately as you can see over at Boot Sale Sounds, I've been delving into the archives for some silly xmassy stuff and childrens records etc.
All the best to you too. Are you at the same address in Newport?

cemenTIMental said...

no, I'm in Harrow these days...