Tuesday, December 27, 2005

There it was - gone!

Best present ever!
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Well Christmas has come and gone again in a flash and we are almost back to normal again except for the bloated feeling and the slight hangover. It went pretty much to plan with no upsets though Granma had to have her tooth out the day before Xmas Eve , so that wasnt so good for her, but she seemed O.K. when we went round for our Chritsmas dinner . She had to cut her turkey up really small. I made a nut roast with chestnuts, walnuts, cashews and variious roasted seeds which was very nice even though I say so myself. We had to take our own Marmite and onion gravy too. Archie took his new guitar which you can see here- trying to crack granma's ornaments! Even though she is partially deaf she had no trouble hearing him! Argh! The poor neighbours! Out of all his presents this is the one that is picked up constantly, so a good choice. The 99p balancing tops are a favourite too.
After dinner and the huge pile of washing we sat down to play games like Cluedo but we all felt shattered by this time and dozed off in front of the telly watching Shrek or whatever it was.
Yesterday was a quieter day with some more games- Ludo, Coppit and cards etc. and more TV and hazel and Archie went into the garden to burn all the wrapping paper and boxes. For lunch we had the rest of the nut roast and some of granma's trfle for pudding. Pulled the home-made crackers that Roger and Jilly sent and wore silly hats. Mine had "Mr. Happy" scrawled on it. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be ironic or not? But I was happy most of the time and felt a warm glow of contentment being at home with the family. How lucky am I?


Jonathan said...

Michael... It all sounds wonderful and as you well know, you're very lucky.
We had a fine Christmas as well and are back into the thick of work.
Hopefully, I'll find the inspiration to add some details in my blog...

michael said...

Hi Jonathan, I'm glad to hear you had a good xmas too. Sorry that you are back at work so soon. Its freezing here with snow inthe east of the country. I wonder if Roger and Jilly have any? Archie is miffed that there's none here . he's love to try out his sledge he bought three years ago and seen no snow since! Look forward to your blog updates.

Roger Stevens said...

It's a winter wonderland, Michael. Snow, snow and more snow. There was so much falling out of the sky yesterday we had to shorten our visit to see the grandchildren.

Sorry I didn't manage to scrawl a message on the other hats. It was all a bit of a rush to be honest.

As I write this I'm listening to George's Concert for Bangladesh.

Having a relaxing sort of day. Catching up on e-mails and blogs. Putting together a couple of little poetry books for people.
Watching the snow out of the window.

Glad your Chrissy went well. The guitar suits Archie I have to say.

michael said...

Sounds like perfect snowman making weather. We look forward to the photos of them on your Flickr stream Roger!
Archie has taken to his new guitar like a fish to chips! He's only got a small practice amp but we have to ask him to turn it down sometimes when the windows start to rattle!

Syl said...

That's a pretty fancy guitar Archie got...should I send ear muffs? Sounds like your Christmas was just like it should be...yes, you are fortunate to have each other...Roger, you should mail Michael some snow else he'll never get to use that sled. Sounds too beautiful up your way (or is it over?). I was spoiled...Santa was entirely to generous. Hey, I think we are getting some Laurel & Hardy DVDs for viewing...those appeal more than the newer ones out. Cheers to each of you for the New Year.

michael said...

Thanks Syl. Its raining here at the moment and the snow they promised hasnt materialized yet. Archie will be miffed again like he was last Winter? ( an old Chubby Checker song?).
I was hoping for some L & H on the box over the holidays but none appeared. Sounds like a good investment!
The sales have been pretty poor here but Archie did get a mobile phone for emergencys and is having fun composing his own ring tone!

michael said...

Hazel said.....
Archie is strumming away on his GEEETAr now..I keep saying next doors in turn it down..but to no avail......there are some ear phones somewhere...now where did I put them.
Great seeing him enjoy a musical instrument though.
we wanted snow...we had a tiny bit last night..should have gone out then and built a snowman as it had all gone by the morning!!DRAT.