Monday, June 27, 2005

Marbury Country Park

Marbury Country Park
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No boot sales this Sunday so we went for a nice brisk walk over at Marbury as the weather was so great and ideal for a picnic by the canal. They had taken all the picnic tables away unfortunately to make way for the new footbridge which gives you access to more nature trails over at Neumann's Flashes and Carey Park and back to town if you wanted but we'd parked the car at Marbury so we had to go back for it.
We fed the ducks with our stale bread and were amused by parties of "twitchers" gabbing away about holidays and caravans etc. and missing the call of the greater spotted woodpecker ( Archie banging a stick on a tree stump).
Had our picnic on a tussock watching the narrow boats glide by with grumpy looking people steering them.
Managed to negotiate a herd of cows who were sat on the path we wanted to cross back to the car park. One had ingeniusly left a deposit high on the stile gate.
I walked into town this morning and got a card reader from the wily men at the camera shop who were determined to sell me stuff! It was useful though and can now transfer photos to computer using it.
I borrowed some Cd's from the library on the strength of their performanaces at the Glastonbury festival ( still lots on video i havent caught up with yet) I got Whites Stripes Elephant and the new CD by Razorlight who also impressed me. Archie is learning "Seven Nation Army" on the guitar so will be pleased to hear the original. Also enjoyed a band called "Athlete" who I'd not heard before.
Another gorgeous day here with dazzling sunshine and temps. up into the high 60's.

Weaverham High School boot sale.

On sundays we'd usually be at boot sales like this one at Weaverham High School. This is especially for Tim who asked to see what an english boot sale was like. Hazel and Archie are watching a rather chubby lady struggling with a music stand they bought.Not a very flattering view really.
Just though I'd mention the anti-biotics which differ slightly from the last few lots by having the warning on the packet which says Avoid skin exposure to sunlight which makes me think if I should avoid water and eating after midnight too incase i should turn into a Gremlin!


Syl said...

So the directions say avoid sunlight, and out you go to enjoy the sun! Go figger. Still on the biotics you are some better! Wish we had those wonderful bootsales here...perfect way to spend a lovely Sunday. Hmmm, will be watching your icon for gremlin-like changes.

michael said...

I tried to stay in the shadows as much as possible Syl but Hank Marvin kept pushing me out! (sorry- bad joke!)

cemenTIMental said...

Just found an MP3 blog you might enjoy:
"The purpose of "The Essential Ghoul's Record Shelf" is to explore the mostly undiscussed world of supernaturally themed novelty music."

michael said...

Thanks Tim. a great blog and some fine music. i will put it in the links and look forward to some more ghoulsih oddites! I may even add some to my blog.