Friday, July 23, 2004

which part of the canal is it?

Just back from a pleasant walk in Marbury Country park where we saw a kingfisher skim the canal, a wren,robins, teenage ducks,grey squirrels,ladybird lava, a grubby young swan and a slug. Walking round the woods we bumped in to a couple waving twigs in a carefree manner. The lady asked,is this the right way to the canal? Yes, i said, keep going and you can't miss it. What part of the canal is it? she enquires mysteriously. Oh, the wet part, came my hilarious reply.
Collapse of stout party.
Later we found a tussock to sit on for a picnic of tuna sandwiches, crisps and orange juice. At least i think it was a tussock?


j0llyr0ger said...

tus·sock n.
1. A clump or tuft, as of growing grass.
2. A tuft of hair or feathers

Eh, maybe. Could go either way...

has·sock n.
1. A thick cushion used as a footstool or for kneeling.
2. A dense clump of grass.

Maybe you sat on a hassock instead?

Or perhaps a Cossack?

michael said...

NO it definately wasn't a cossack I sat on, so maybe it was a hassock. It had a burrow underneath but the entrance was clogged with leaves so not inhabited I shouldn't think.

Roger Stevens said...

We went for lunch with some friends yesterday. Judy, our dog, is now deaf and blind. They have a pond. We should have told Judy where the pond was. She walked into it.