Sunday, July 18, 2004

the village carnival

The big parade has past our house. Hazel and Archie went out to film it. Mostly it seemed to be drum majorettes in all their fancy costumes and cars covered in ribbons and balloons with Rose Queens and Princesses sitting regally in the open boots.

I feel a bit happier now I've changed the template for this blog. The black was very depressing, especially with no pictures. It's obviously halfway trying to make a picture but all I see is this little square with the three coloured blobs in the middle. What is that?
The boot sale this Sunday was at Weaverham in the big field by the High School. They wouldn't let you park on it because of the rain and the possibility of the car getting stuck and chruning up the turf. Chruning? I think I just made up a new word. Not many punters or stalls but we rummaged through the boxes and old tat and found some bargains. A PS2 game for a fiver called The Sum Of All Fears, a squad based shooter Tom Clancy thing similar to Rainbow Six but not as good ( it only got a 5/10 in PS2 mag.) They had Spiderman and Grand Turismo but we'd already borrowed them from the library and were'nt impressed.
Hazel bought a strange long hook with a small hooped handle. I think it's for pulling the brains out of "mummy"s nostrils before they wrap them up! It's another "strange metal object" for her show in the cabinet in the 3-D dept. at college. She has quite few now - old locks, bolts,hinges,keys,scrapers,grippers,gougers,grollipers etc.
Archie got a plant for Hazel's birthday next week. The plant lady gave him two for the price of one. No Beanos or Dandy's today but he did get several yesterday which made up for it.


Jilly Jargon said...

Hey Flobber, how's your lob?

michael said...

Fine - how's yours?

Jonathan said...

My guess is, that that little hook is for tightening boot laces... although I liked your answer better.
Would take some significant fishing to find this blokes brain with a little hook through the nostril.

michael said...

MY brain? I'm mortally offended. I'll have you know that my brain is so massive I had to annexe some in a specially renovated boil on the back of my neck!
A photo of afore mentioned hooky thing at hazel's blog situated here-