Monday, July 19, 2004

spiders from ma's shed

Just been clearing out the old shed thats joined onto the house at the back. Big spiders jumping out to make us squeal everytime we move a cobweb encrusted box of junk. Hazel's just taken a car load to the local tip. Mostly old wooden doors, tins of solid paint, solid bags of cement etc. We hope to demolish the shed and put up a lean-to or cheap conservatory for Hazel do her metalwork in. We were reluctant to throw away Archie's old wooden fort so crammed it into the coal shed on top of a teetering tower of boxes of mail art and other ephemera we are loathe to get rid of. Some evidence of mice in one box but didn't find any thankfully.


Roger Stevens said...

Hmmm. Fossilised mice might be useful for future projects. It's always sad to see an old shed demolished.

michael said...

O.K. If we find any we'll send 'em to you!