Saturday, July 31, 2004

A Short Walk On A Long Pier

Photo taken a bit earlier than 1963 by a man in a top hat under a black cloak. Mr. Daggaerotype I think his name was. When I knew the pier it had a bowling alley where the little tower was, and an aquarium a mile and a quarter away at the end, with a cod and a sad looking haddock in some greenish water.
Southend pier
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michael said...

Now as we sat on the beach at Westcliff recently we could see Southend Pier in the distance. The little trains that run up and down it's length looking very much like grey caterpillers inching their way slowly along. You could not hear the tramp tramp as they trundled over the wooden sleepers, drowned out by the salty waves and hum of traffic along the Esplanade.