Thursday, July 29, 2004

Blog flume

The blogs are really sliding now - down to the river of possibilties! How pleased I am to have made a Links list (there it is on the left) mostly thanks to JollyRoger who explained it very simply. I still havent figured out how the fancy lettering gets uploaded - all I get is that square with the coloured blobs? But I expect it will soon become obvious. A dash or a dot in the wrong place maybe. It's usually something very simple and annoying like that!
I did add a lot more links but half wouln't work for whatever reason. i will try again later.


cemenTIMental said...

Hi Michael!
Wow, you've joined the world of blogs! I just discovered this while checking the Spite Your Face site stats, discovered that we've been getting visitors via this blog. Thanks for linking!

Went to a Ray Johnson exhibition in london a few weeks back... good stuff of course but I had to resist the temptation to tear down the works and add+pass them! :)

Haven't yet located any car boot sales here in Harrow...
When I went to visit my Grandma in Skegness last weekend i passed so many signs for boot sales, I'm sure if you lived in the Fens you could go to one every day of the week! :) But no hills, and cabbages everywhere.

michael said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Tim. Glad the link is working. Blogs eh? Who'd have thought it- an old luddite like me!

Geof Huth said...


Bad news. I checked out the code for your site. And the section titles aren't electronic text at all--as I feared--but they are images.

Go here for a view of "Recent Posts":

So your problem is that the images that your page is pointing to aren’t there! See for instance, this link, which should give you the “Archives” image, but instead gives you an error page!

Blogger needs to get those images back in place. You are powerless!


Jonathan said...

Yet another thing to make us crazy...

Jonathan said...

Now I've published todays blog... but I can only seem to access it from the archives... what'd I do wrong this time ???

j0llyr0ger said...

Closely, Monsieur Huth, but not 100%ly

The Michael-Man is have been sent an email about how he spelled 'img src' not properly. So that the HTML tag is broken.

Geof Huth said...

Tres bon, Monsieur j0llyr0ger! As I was riding my bicycle tonight it occurred to me that I might've missed a misspelling!

But won't you tell us what it is!?

a votre service,


michael said...

Hey, what are all these people doing in my comments box! Making aLL THIS NOISE! I'm trying to figure out how to unspell my URL's - how can I do it with all this racket going on!?

Roger Stevens said...

Anyone seen the bottle opener?

j0llyr0ger said...

"But won't you tell us what it is!?"


Instead we shall hop around AND MAkE GReaTT DeAL OF RaCKET-- YAHHHHH WO HooOOOOOO!



There, now try to concentrate with all that bother, Michael!

By, the way, perhaps it shall be to relent and spill the cat. It was that the 'img scr' has been fixed to 'img src' and all is now of good.

(Racket?! That's not racket. That's Brahms. Brahms' third racket.)

(Don't mind him, he's from Barcelona)

Syl said...

Hi there Michael...this is totally neat & needed! However, can't figure out how to set up links. Since you've already been down this road, any hints? Hugs to you, Hazel, & Archie, who seems to be growing like crazy!

michael said...

J0llyR0ger has all the deatails to make a nifty LINKS section down the side panel- see his Badgers Nose blog! I will try and help if he's not available.

Syl said...

Hey, Michael...success!!! Thanks for the great resource of jollyroger who indeed did show me the light! Ah, can't imagine Archie "expanding" long as his mind is expanding(and I know you & Hazel provide for plenty of that) then he's all right! So, looking forward to seeing pictures of some of your recent doings. Take care & hugs to all. And thank you, Jolly!