Thursday, February 24, 2011


Nice day out to Knutsford to meet up with Tony and Penny. First we did a tour of the charity shops and suchlike. Hazel popped in a clothes shop whilst me and Archie looked in the crafty art/card shop. Didnt find any bargains. Archie bought a china pig with a slot. Some project he has in mind.
Then we met up with Tony and Penny at a pizza place which was incredibly noisy being half term - full of toddlers and kids making a racket. Could hardly hear yourself think!

Nice pizza though . I had the goats cheese and spinach.
Afterwards we wandered around for a while trying to find out where to have a coffee. Penny Farthing was packed also so went in the Visitors Centre to see the tapestry that 3,000 locals made. A helpful lady volunteer told us all about it.
Back to the Penny Farthing Museum Cafe which was not so crowded now and we found a seat next to some rusty boneshakers.
Waiting in today for the gasman again. Seems to be an ongoing saga! Hope he arrives soon - I hate waiting around for people to turn up.
Out for a walk this morning in the sunshine - lovely springlike weather, Felt very overdressed in my duffle coat. Had to turn the central heating off as it was so hot indoors.
Ideal day to put a new roof on the shed - nevermind. Hopefully it will nice again tomorrow.

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