Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bum Diddy Bum Bum!

A new "ish" artistamp sheet for Mary Anne who mentioned his stamp book and the possibility of a Yoko Ono page to got with the Fluxus page and Ray Johnson pages etc. Ken Friedman? Those others who were artistamp pioneers. So inspired I made this for him. Used some old "Cult Mail" frames and some bottoms (Yoko made a film called "Bottoms" - I think John Lennon's bottom was imortalised in it ) Anyway seemed like an obvious thing to try - having found some bottoms in an old book by Alas Smith and Jones annual.

The last few days have been a bit frustrating with the broadband playing up and finally going off altogether. The engineer who came today said it was the old Netgear router. So gave us a BT home hub version which worked straight away and got up to 14 megs. Even the engineer was impressed who only gets 4megs where he lives. he says its because we live about 500 yards from the telephone exchange!

We had a nice chat about the how far computers have come over the last twenty years - getting all nostalgic for the Atari, NES and Megadrive etc. The trouble is it all goes out of date so quickly. Even two year old computers are considered old hat and rubbish now- things moving apace! Its hard to keep up with technology.

Thankfully the gas men have gone and taken their piles of rubble and traffic lights with them. Hazel is still waiting for them to return and paint her white line again which had tow holes drilled into it and big tarmac patches turning it into a couple of hyphens.

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