Monday, February 07, 2011

Liverpool Trip

Another week or two has flown by and I'm lagging behind with my bloggage.
I've forgotten most of it but last week we went to Liverpool , all three of us and met Adela and Will at Hartford station. No room on the car park so had to park down a side street. A nice sunny day after all the rain and wind. A and W took us to a nice tea place they knew called Brew close to Oxfam- where all the trendy shops are. Had time for a chat and a croissant and coffee before heading round the corner to FACT where the first part of the Nam June Paik was on. Mostly videos alas but some interesting rooms - one with a big cone you could lie underneath as spirals of multicoloured light were projected upon it from above - rather like falling down a rabbit hole . Most alarming so had to get out of the room quite quickly before I was sick! The chap sitting in there looking after it said he found it very relaxing! Hah!
Then to the Bluecoat to see a nice mixed show with general theme of "Underwater" and included a Bill Viola video and a huge submarine propped up on one end made of wood and frottaged paper ( see above ). Also a nice sub automata attached to wriggly squid. Also nice were several trumpet shaped fog horns with sounds of the sea playing through them suspended in mid air. Went for lunch in greasy spoon type cafe nearby and had cheese toasties.
Then to the Tate to see earlier Nam June Paik stuff which had some nice robots made of piled up old televisions. Lots of old TV's with new innards playing Fluxus type videos of jangled image bank stuff. Starting to get a headache after all this and all arted out! So we made our way home soon after W & A headed back to station. Popped in a few shops first including the Pound Shop but didn't buy anything.

Today I am waiting in for the gas men to dig up our old pipes and replace with new plastic ones. They are doing the whole of Northwich it seems. have been noting their progress - getting closer and closer - with much trepidation for months now. Finally in our road and making a right mess - traffic chaos and parking chaos too. Hazel luckily found a spot over the road on a neighbours frontage while they were away on holiday. Now they are back and she is still there - so don't know where she'll be parking next. Hoping the pipe would be fixed today but doesn't seem likely what with the holes full of water and slow progress generally.

In the meantime making some collaged and rubber stamped pages for Issue 21- an assembling book thing for a friend of a friend. Only 14 pages so quite manageable. Have found a few old camera adverts and finished it off this morning - enveloped and ready to post.

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I would like to point out i am on the front of Bruce's empty house...not the people who are back from holiday..that would be rude...