Monday, March 07, 2011

The King's Peach

Not been to see it yet. Archie has and said it was OK. Too hyped up for my liking. All the cinemas near us have closed now so have to go miles to see films anyway. Quite happy to watch DVD's. Have quite a pile to get through as it is.
Still, it's nearly Spring and the sparrows are twitterpated or high on sunflower seeds - one or the other.
Nice weekend of trips out to Chester on Saturday and Tarporley on Sunday.
Met up with Hazel's chum Alex, who used to work at Manchester Art Gallery, She lives in Sheffield so quite a train journey to get to Chester. She'd never been though so a treat for her to see the Roman Wall and the River Dee ( Hazel and Alex went on a boat trip ) and the shops ofcourse. Plenty of buskers out in force. A would be Jimmy Page playing Led Zeppelin riffs and a violinist with backing track that is cheating a bit I always think. Also various folkies and a tiny tot duo on guitars.
I went off on my own to scour the charity shops but didnt find any bargains. We met up at lunchtine at Spud-U-Like ( Spudoolickay as Victoria Wood once said ) and ha d a very boring spud with a mountain of cheese and tuna on top with horrible plastic cutlery! Wont go there again! Mind you it did give us a chance to see the Roman ruins in the basement.
Later we wandered around some more until my feet ached and met up again for a coffee in a posher coffee shop with proper cups and spoons. Then back to the bus stop and the park and ride- waved Alex off to the station and her train home.
The indoor boot sale at Tarporley was much like previous sales - I seemed to be looking through the saem piles of books and records! I did buy some films though including Galaxy Quest ( an old favourite), Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Bill Bailey in Concert double disc set. Hazel bought some embroidery for her friend and a tin pencil box.

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