Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Secret Life Of The Collagist

The virus or whatever it is still refuses to relinquish it's grasp of my being. Man Flu permeates my vitals. Sneezoids, choughing , snuffling are the order of the day - not to mention the fneedling.
Appetite isn't affected though thankfully so was able to make a dirty great binful of broccoli bake on Monday and a trough of Macaroni Cheese on Tuesday. I cant remember much about Wednesdays meals but Thursday I made a nut roast with fresh chestnuts that Hazel's Mom and Sister gave us. Jolly nice it was too.
Broke the key on Hazel's workshop so Northwich Glass came round to fix it. The guarentee had run out but they didn't charge as we are such good customers. That's what we thought anyway. Only took a few ticks of wonky clock.
Archie has taken it over just lately - making stuff for his art A level - tin things, influenced by Andy Hazell. They look pretty good too for a beginner. he even has the sticky plastered fingers to prove it!

Hazel came down with the same virus and had to have two days off college on Thurs and Friday.
My flu or cold or whatever it is hasnt gone away. Just when you think has it pops up again as bad as before. First thing in the morning is worst.
Went to the college to talk to Archie's teachers. He seems to be doing OK although the art tutor has no idea how hard Archie works at home. He's rather baffled by the control panels I think.
More prostate checks at docs which wasn't much fun. Blood test OK so he put me on some tablets but they make me feel dizzy so stopped taking them after one day. I have decided not to drink tea anymore after 7 o'clock at night and stick to cocoa or a milky drink of some kind. This seems to help quite alot and I only woke up once last night so was able to get some kip for a change.

And now a poem -

What is that smells like glue?
Is it the macaroni cheese or you?
I cant seem to stick to the things I do
So going back to the old UHU.

The collages here are quite old I made for Hazel's birthday and our anniversary.


scrapatorium said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are still sick with the flu. Went to the emergency room this morning because I had a fever and my throat and ears hurt severely. I thought I had strep, but just a bad infection. Can't swallow or talk and very tired. Been run down for several days. Hopefully those antibiotics will kick in soon!

Love the collages and your poem!

Anonymous said...

get well soon...nasty old bugs.
To both of you....

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Angelica, I wondered why you were quiet on Scrapiteria for so long - miss your collages. Do hope you are feeling better soon. I know the feeling. Hasn't been bad enough to use antibiotics yet thankfully but tough to get rid of these bugs!