Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Weakly Snet

Did I mention it was our 27th Bear Feeding anniversary? No flies with rucksacks but some chocs and the usual enigmatic cards. I gave Hazel a Blurb book of collages which seemed like a good idea to try. I somehow managed to duplicate tow of the pages- whether through miopia or dyslexia or just excitement I don't know!

Sneezing and sniggling all day long. Sniffing too. A nasty cold which lasted for days - still have it in fact as I write this. Archie has it too and had a day off college.
managed to drag ourselves out to celebrate anyway - a nice meal at the Crafts Centre posh restuarant. Looked round the antiques afterwards. Hazel bought some postcards.
Up all night with coughing and calls of nature. Not sure if its the cold or the prostate. I was due another check up anyway so went to the docs the next day and he sent me to the Infirmary for the usual blood test etc.
Not heard anything yet.
Archie went to London on a college trip. Had to get up and the crack of dawn with Hazel and get a train to Stockport and another to Crewe to join party. Hazel had to drive to Crewe later to fetch him. Luckily she had no college the next day so was able to get some sleep.

Not sure why these photos of Southend's old bandstand are here. I could not find anything else.
Missed the annual charity market due to feeling awful and full of cold. It could even me Man flu - never quite sure of the difference.
Catching up with DVD's Ive bought recently as felt too lethargic to do anything else. Watched a good Orson Welles film "The Stranger" which I'd not seen before - a film noirish thriller about a nazi hunter played by Edward G. Robinson. Also an amusing animation called "Planet 51" and another "Rain With A Chance Of Meatballs".


scrapatorium said...

I hope you feel better soon!

mim said...

What fun, this new (for me at least) blog of yours. I'll catch up on it tomorrow as rain will keep me in, and I'll need a break from studio time. Fun!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks A and Mim. I feel bad about writing so much moany stuff about colds and illness but thats how it feels at the moment! Cant seem to shake it off. Amazed that Hazel hasn't caught it too.

Anonymous said...

still time....

wastedpapiers said...

That's right. Look on the bright side!

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Anonymous said...

I am in that sort of mind set this week....but it will pass

Alan 98 said...

Word of verification = 'snesie' !

I hope my computer hasn't caught a virus from reading this.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by Alan. We used to have great fun on our "snesie" back in the 90's , playing Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong etc.

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