Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Burning Car

Quite exciting here this morning as we drove up to the car park in town just behind marks and Sparks - a big plume of black smoke was rising up. A 3 wheeled Reliant had just burst into flames! We watched as the tyres exploded and the whole thing was soon engulfed - in the distance the sound of sirens. By the time the firemen got to the car park the car was a fire ball and then a steam cloud as they trained their hoses onto it from all angles . Hazel took a very bad photo with her crappy phone. I will try and upload it later to my Flickr account. When we returned to the car park after some shopping the car, or the mangle charred remains were being winched up a ramp onto a breakdown truck. What a mess. This is two days after our local dentist round the corner blew up - a faulty gas boiler!

The local paper will have a field day with this - they only have dog poop to write headlines about usually!

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