Friday, December 03, 2010


Still laid low with colds, viruses, sneezles, snuffles and bugs of all shapes and sizes. No lobster men from outer space yet though, but still time. This old collage (above) was picked for a booklet that Artists Newsletter did a few years back when the Millenium Bug was all the rage. I did a few buggy collages back then for a travelling show that did the rounds in the North West. I rarely get invited to them anymore or maybe I cant be bothered to take part - too much of a faff.

Still freezing but no snow like they've had down South and East. Amazing really that we have escaped so lightly. better not speak too soon though - I expect we shall be up to our armpits in it next week!

Managed to trudge into town a few times for a bit of shopping - posting parcels etc.
Ordered a new washing machine and fridge/freezer as the old ones ( bought when we first moved to Cheshire ) are clapped out. The washing machine pump has stopped pumping so a big pile of dirty washing is piling up. Hopefully the new one will arrive Sunday and we can get some clean clothes for next week.

Time for a hot crumpet.

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