Thursday, October 28, 2010

Liverpool Biennial

We went to Liverpool on the train today. Hazel had been before but keen to show us round and some of the things she'd discovered.
The car park was full at the station so it was touch and go whether she came along with Archie and me. Luckily she found a parking space nearby down a side road and joined us on the platform before the train arrived. It was pretty packed but we managed to get seats and enjoyed the 25 minute journey.
Most of the Biennale work was spread out over town in various old buildings and galleries around the old cathedral and down towards Chinatown and the more seedier parts of town.
A great deal of video work and installations to view and not so many paintings and 2 dimensional work. In one old tower a huge sword hanging from the ceiling. In FACT and great swathe of old clothes rigged like a mighty sail. In an old foundry an oriental lady like a modern Repunzel sat on a high platfom and cut white paper continously until it flowed down the walls and up into a huge hanging festoon.
Further on was the Young Contempories and art from Asia and the Netherlands. Art from all over the world infact.
Had a nice cheeseless toastie ( cheese lorry stuck up the M6 apparently ) and sald for lunch in CAC. More video and installation.
Popped in a nice antiquey junk shop on the way and found three old scratchy records so I was well pleased. Expect them on my Flickr stream and audio blog any day now.

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