Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Boy

Valves ! Valves! Yes, it's not many 18 year old get ancient crusty valves for their birthday from their mad parents. We know what he likes. He got some other nice stuff including driving lessons and DVD's and chocs. I was hoping to take him down the pub for a pint but he's got lots of homework to do- making dials - and a cranky art teacher breathing down his neck so maybe next week. We can still have some champers with out lasagne tonight though. Hic!
The boot sale this morning was a small affair round the back of the pub in town. Betty was there and I bought a DVD from her. Hazel bought four candles. Not much else.
Archie had a driving lesson and then Hazel quickly blew up a pile of balloons to hang in the window for his return. Also a banner saying "Happy Birthday" over the front door. Bruce told us about his horrible tenants who had to be evicted for not paying the rent, gas or electric. What a long and painful story that was. He just had to change all the locks on the doors.
We went over to Granma's to eat cake and Archie blew out the candles etc. We took a cake and Granma made a cake so we had cake coming out of our ears.
jack came over too this morning to give him a card and money. We looked through some old videos to try and find ones of Jack and Archie when they were 7 or 8 and used to play togther. Couldnt find them but found others that made us laugh of Archie with his Worm Hotel and paper mache puppets that were very funny. I'd forgotten just how chatty he was back then. Yack yack yack!
They are outside now doing some jig sawing and making dials from wood for the vacuum former in the art room at college.
I'm making a lasagne as that is what birthday boy has asked for.


Anonymous said...

or did I buy Fork handles??

wastedpapiers said...

ah the old fork handles joke - you can't beat it!