Friday, October 22, 2010

Fado Fourday

A bit of an accident prone day culminating in a nosebleed but otherwise not too bad for a four day.
Walked briskly into town via the docs to drop off my prescription form. Still long tailback of traffic due to new gas pipes by the station. I was walking faster than the bus which always pleases me. Not many bargains but did find a nice Portuguese fado cassette in the Sally Army shop for 10p. The other cassette by some native Americans dancing round a cactus wasn't nearly so exciting!
I expect both will appear shortly on my audio blog if I can be bothered to get the ION turntable down from upstairs.

Post from Ennio Pauluzzi and Ron Bookless. Ron sent a nice 'zine that I contributed a couple of pages to. Also a CD of a podcast to conjured up by Bob Hampshire who sounds like a Hamster sucking on a helium balloon.
We be thankful for small Murphy's.

I made a delicious spinach bake. Yum!

More snaps here sent by Hazel's Uncle John and Auntie Audrey in OZ of our visit which seems ages ago now. Thats us posing with Bryan Ferry , an old convict who built a ferry over the Roxy River. The other is us on some lookout point - Sydney is far off on the horizon but you cant really see it from here. Actually I'm wrong having looked at it again- that's the tea and scones we had in the Norman Lindsay Gallery cafe. very nice they were too.

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