Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boot Sails Unfurled

The boot sale season has truly started today with two at Hartford and Weaverham- both in the car parks/playing fields of the schools. It was a lovely sunny day too and no sign of the rain of yesterday. The ground at Weaverham was a bit muddy though - squelch squelch!
I didnt find many bargains though - just a DVD of A Few Dollars More with Clint Eastwood- plus an extras disc with docs. and profiles etc. They had the first one of the trilogy too but foolishly didnt get it as I thought we had it already. Turns out it was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly we have. Doh!
Also got a few Dr.Who badges which Archie snaffled when I got home. Hazel got a few plants and some of those eye washing glasses. A bright green one, one blue and a clear oddly shaped one - obviously for oddly shaped eyes.

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