Saturday, March 27, 2010

Duck Impersonators

A strange week of low level excitement which included the ram raiding of the local tiny branch of Nat West bank which had a big digger imbedded in it's back wall. As I walked passed the other day the forensic team had just arrived and were dabbing it with finger prints. It was all cordoned off and a policeman was standing there by the digger incase anyone stole it. I could not see anyone inside the bank which was shut. It must have happened in the night I suppose. I looked around for tenners stuck in the nearby bushes but didnt see any alas.

In town a man was doing duck impressions but on further investigation it seemed he was trying extract some phlegm at the back of his throat.
I found a VHS vid of THe Brain Eaters - A classic B movie from the 60's- or so it says on the sleeve. Also got the Buy & Sell mag to look for local boot sales but none this week as far as I could see. A few happening over the Easter weekend in Frodsham and Sutton Fields.

A bird of prey spotted tearing apart a starling in our garden yesterday. Hazel saw it on the tree house. Through the binoculars it looked like a hawk of some kind with a mottled brown front. All that was left was a pile of feathers and a beak.


treena said...

hi my boss at the charity shop had her diggers pinched i think the robbers used them to ram raid the bank small world isnt it!!!

wastedpapiers said...

Hi treena - wow, your charity shop boss has a digger? Is it for digging through all those piles of old clothes?!

Just a small bit mentioning it in the Guardian today. I was expecting a front page with a photo at least!