Thursday, March 18, 2010

A World Of Difference

Sad news about Charlie Gillett who died yesterday. One of my favourite DJ's ever. I've posted a small tribute to him at Boot Sale Sounds. I have been going through some of the dozens if not hundreds of tapes I have of his radio shows from the 70's until now trying to find one suitable for the blog.
Another week flown by and not much to show for it. My "collage a day" resolution seems to have fallen by the wayside.
Had a delicious meal at Adela's and Will's on Saturday. Played some silly games - Flounder and Mousie Mousie. We have some MM somewhere - some old wooden ones?
Awoke with a hangover and mouth like the bottom of a parrot's bottom.
Went to Granma's for Mother's Day lunch of fish 'n chips and cake. Hazel planted some bulbs and flowers in Granma's back garden. No boot sales or jumbles but there was one yesterday - I got some DVD's including "Shrooms" and "Casino Royale".
On Monday walked to town and back. Got some stir fry sauces at Poundstretcher for 49p each. The Thai Green Curry one is quite tasty. I made a stir fry with pretend chicken strips from Holland & Barrett and lots of vegetables and noodles. Yum!

Tuesday we said hello to the new neighbours. Hazel took round a couple of plants which they have put on the kitchen window sill so we can see them.
John Hegley phones for a chat and to ask Hazel about what day he is coming up to MMU.
Getting rid of more old VHS vids. Copying some that will copy to DVD including some old Childrens Film Foundation classics and The Princess Bride and Les Amants des Le Pont Neuf? That's yer actual French.

Wednesday. More walks to town and back. Got some cheap CD';s of Tim Buckley, Nick Drake and Terry Reid 60's stuff from Age Concern.
Got some smoked cod which turned out to be VERY salty and yellow. Tatsed ok though. Made a kedgeree kindo of thing with it with boiled eggs and parsley sauce.

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