Friday, March 12, 2010

Pully Over Tribe

A week has nearly whizzed by. A week of computers going gaga and brisk walks into town. More National Geographics and a tiny digital camera. This one works but only just. Interesting pixelated look to all it points at. Pully faced pixilated pigmy tribe perchance?

The computer has been mended now thank goodness. A bug of some kind. Malcolm had to take it away and put it through some kind of washer and mangle. Malcolm is a handy person to know when your PC goes AWOL. He's helped on several occasions when the hard drive burned out and when the CD ROM drive refused to work etc. I shall watch what I click on in future. Those hackers are getting more cunning it seems.

Went to a table top sale in Tarporley last Sunday. Got some more DVD's including the Boy In Striped Pajamas and a John Cleese one called How To Irritate People. Also a long frame that was just the right size for a panoramic collage I'd made. Then to antique centre where we picked up some cheap postcards - mostly 1920's saucy seaside variety. Hazel bought a few things including a tin bullet poster and a glass dangly thing that makes tiny rainbows when the sun shines through the window.

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