Thursday, January 07, 2010

Twenty Ten

The cold snap continues and not really gone anywhere due to the icy conditions - staying in and catching up with the blogs and doing a few collages, some of which you can see here.
hazel has been venturing out to her workshop once it has reached the optimum temperature. She's also been making lots of bread with Granma's and Audrey's breadmaker we borrowed over the festive season.

The bread has been really delicious which just makes her make more ofcourse. the Olive bread is particularly nice despite the olives being mashed to a pulp during the kneading process. She tried putting them in at a later stage and poking them with a stick and that seemed to work slightly better.
Archie started college agin on Monday but on Tuesday the really heavy snow came down and college was closed at 11 the next day. So he's been enjoying going sledging and snowballing with his mates. The sldege hit a rock yesterday so it has a big crack in it! Ouch!
Archie bought me a boxed set of Absolutely - one of my favourite comedy series on C4 in the 80's. A real bargain at 15 quid for 8 DVD's and the postage was free! We watched a couple last night as there was zilch on TV. Not quite as funny as I remember but it had its moments. I think they took a while to get into their stride and later episodes were funnier.

Woken to thick ice everywhere so looks like another day indoors. The garden does look very attractive in its snowy coat but feel sorry for the birds. The water we put out freezes almost at once and the fat balls are as hard as rocks - they are bending their little beaks on them!
We have taken the decorations down now and the house looks very bare despite all our junk and clutter! The tree looks happy enough back out in the garden decorated with icicles.
I slid down to the docs. yesterday to have my 6 monthly medication review. It seems the blood pressure pills are working as my BP was normal. "Keep taking the tablets" she said. "I bet you say that to all the patients" I said. "Well I have to have some fun" she replied laughing.


Coffee Messiah said...

You fooled me with the 2nd picture. I was going to ask where that exhibit was!

Nicely done. We've received enough snow that I need to shovel this morning, bit it's about 10 degrees with a wind chill lower than that.


wastedpapiers said...

Brrrrrr"!*^%$£! Its -20 below zero in some parts and certainly feels like it. Hazel has thawed out the car and is going shopping- she must be mad! I'm staying in the warm and uploading some old Bollywood vinyl to my audio blog.

Good luck with the shovelling. Our snow can stay where it is!