Thursday, December 31, 2009

End Of Another Decade

Another year almost gone and the "noughties" too - it's amazing how quickly it's flown by! Seems only yesterday we were worrying about the Millenium Bug and watching the thousands of rockets explode overhead back in 1999 at midnight.
We have started our celebrations early with a nutroast and sprouts. The poles from next door have given us some carva and a tuppaware of strange looking mysterious foodstuffs that looks vaguely suerkruatish. Despite having lived here for a couple of years they barely talk any english so finding out what they are up too is difficult. They are off to Manchester it seems and not having a party as they did last year. We gave them a bottle of carva too.
The 90's seems to be the theme tonight Michael Jackson on the ipodplayer and now some There's A Guy Who Works Down The Chip Shop Thinks He's Elvis. A little clouds formed round the light bulb - the candles are blown out . The carva has gone to Hazel's head she says - how we shall get to midnight is anyones guess!
Party streamers are dangling from the paper chains. The crackers have been pulled. I got a tiny jigsaw puzzle of a parrot. Hazel got a three card trick. The smell of burning wax and oranges. Thinking of the days - believe me. Days we remember all our lives.


scrapatorium said...

Lovely post. Happy New Year to you, Hazel and Archie! A hug from Texas!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by to our little soiree Angelica! Same to you. I was a bit tipsy when I wrote this post last night. In the cold grey light of day it seems rather foolhardy to blog when you've been drinking - you are likely to write all kinds of nonsense!
Welcome to the tensies!

Word Verification says its the "scenties"!

Roger Stevens said...

very quiet here in France. I don't think the French do firworks much. We saw the new year in with Jill's brother, Mum and Dad. We played a couple of games of "trains" and some cards. celebrated at midnight - then waited an hour, turned on the telly and celebrated again with England.
Happy New Year all!

Anonymous said...

two New Years!!...that makes it that you are now in 2011!

wastedpapiers said...

I don't remember the french doing much at xmas either ? Maybe we just lived in a strange secluded part of Tarn where they dont celebrate much despite all the saints days they seem to have.

All the best to you all too Roger!

Coffee Messiah said...

Dada greetings for the new year.

We slept through it, as always.

Too much out of the mainstream here to go celebrate anything ; (