Sunday, December 20, 2009

At Last! Some Snow!

Everyone else seemed to get the snow days before us but a little arrived today to give a nice frosted look to the garden and environs (whatever they are?).
Full of festive spirit we are embarking on a morning of breadmaking using the breadmaker gadget borrowed from Hazel's Mom. It's whirring away now sounding abit like a cement mixer. Hopefully the results will be more edible than cement!
Hazel's Mom and her sister had a brief breadmaking binge when they first bought it a couple of years ago but after the initial novelty had worn off they consigned the breadmaker to the cupbaod under the stairs.
Hazel is considering making a cake for her Mom as it's her birthday tomorrow. We are are all sledging over there to watch her blow out the candles on the cake etc.


Sarah said...

I hope you've got the dog team ready!

Its hard to believe how much snow we've had here (somewhere not far from Manchester). It must be nearly 2 inches deep!

I got an email from mum in deepest, darkest rural Lincolnshire and her tiny village is practically cut off right now.

I wonder if this will last until Christmas? Get yourself to William Hill's right now!

wastedpapiers said...

Sadly its all melted after a hailstorm and then rain. More forcaste overnight so we may have a white Xmas but I'm not putting any bets on!

Roger Stevens said...

And festive greetings to you. Everyone's upset here 'cos the council have salted roads or gritted paths. It was bedlam when the snow came. Right now it's drizzling rain and thawing.

wastedpapiers said...

Furtive greeblings to you too Roger ( and Jilly ) and may your gritty paths twinkle with Xmas cheer!

The gateaux turned out to be a fruit dessert a bit like a frozen trifle. Granma seemed happy though.

Coffee Messiah said...

I like your neighborhood, or at least what I can C ; )

I like too, that "net" of lights!


wastedpapiers said...

CM it's not such a bad place- we have nice neighbours on both sides of the road. They want to build houses on the field at the back but hopefully they won't be able to because of the narrow access road/track.
The snow has melted and none forcast for tomorrow so no white xmas. Still at least we have the power back on! (touch wood!) It went off for a couple of hours today and a man had to climb up a nearby pole and waggle some wires.