Monday, December 07, 2009

Crinklemess Is Coming

I have 15 minutes before penultimate piano lesson of the year to write something sensible. I have neglected this blog for a while. Well, all of them really. I must try and catch up.
Today, which is fresh in my mind , was fraught with all kinds of misfortune like the huge Q's in most shops, the post office and the bank. I could not face any of them so consequently didnt get the xmas stamps or post the parcels and cards I had taken along. Luckily WH Smiths had a small supply of 2nd class stamps which I bought - the whole lot! So anybody else asking for stamps will be miffed.
I'd taken my prescription into the chemists earlier and told them I would collect it in 20 minutes or so but it completely went out of my brain and I only rememebers on the bus home. I phoned up and told the bewildered girl on the other end of the phone what had occured and she said I could pick them up tomorrow. So another trip into town due. Another library sale was on but mostly the same books and CD's I had looked at last time.
No other bargains. No sign of Treena or Betty in Age Concern. It was very busy - more like a Saturday. The Crinklemess Rush has begun in Ernest.
Enjoying the repeats of many Alan Bennett films and documentaries on BBC 2 and 4. Great to see again some from the 70's that I missed the first time round.
Time to tickle the ivories.


Sarah said...

It sounds like you are similar to me. A rising sense of panic as you realise how much needs to be done before Crinklemess arrives!

My solution is to write lists to ease the sense of panic, and tick them off as I complete all the deeds that need to be done.

Top of the list - stock up on some nice wine!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Sarah. Hazel is the one for lists. Most of the recycled envelopes out cards were in had hastily scribbled lists on the back of them! Enigmatic items like FEED BIRDS, CLEAN BATH, CHARGE PHONE, IRONING, SWEEP GARDEN, LIGHTS UP, POLISH GRAVEL etc.

WE are not great wine drinkers hence the impressive collection of dusy bottles accumulating under the stairs slowly turning into vinegar!

Anonymous said...

must get some more champagne in though..HAzel

wastedpapiers said...

Now you're talking!

Roger Stevens said...

Are you learning the Joanna then? Gosh, what a musical family you will be.