Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Rope String Band

Really fun evening out at the Great Budworth Village Hall to see the New Rope String Band. I already had the Old Rope String Band CD that Jim in Basingstoke sent me and he told me they were very good live. After one of their number died in a hit and run accident a few years back I never thought I'd get to see them but thanks to the Cheshire Rural Touring Network they played a couple of village halls near us and I managed to book tickets. We have been to a few RTN functions and they are always terrific. You see top class acts, theatre groups etc. in the intimate surroundings of the village hall with lots of nice village folk who always seem glad to welcome strangers and pull out all the stops to make the visiting artistes feel appreciated.
Great Budworth is no exception - great care was taken in the decoratiosn of the hall - being a "string and rope" theme they managed to borrow the tug of war rope from the young farmers and wind it round the rafters like a big snake! On the tables were vermicelli and sweet pink stringy shoelaces. Also nibbles and hot mince pies in the interval. Some tasty bottled beers in the bar too.
The band itself were excellent musicians and very funny and inventive as this YouTube video shows. Hazel bought me the DVD of their Old Rope String Band days to wrap up for Crimble.
Everyone we spoke to were very friendly and on our table were some very chatty people who new someone that travels on the train with Hazel - a small world eh?
A kind lady let us park on her drive when we found ourselves stuck down a narrow private road when the car park for the village hall was full.
Instead of the usual raffle they had a themed competition to guess the name of the knots on a tray handed around. We got one out of five needless to say as our knot recognition wasnt up to scratch.

The New Rope String Band Promo from Tom Dalling on Vimeo.

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Roger Stevens said...

Brilliant video. they are the tops.