Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charity Market

It was the yearly charity market today. Sadly it seems to have been taken over by charities that insist on a tombola stall. Hardly any books or records etc. There's just so many packets of bath salts and tins of prunes you are able to accomodate. I'm never lucky at such things and despite plunging my hand into the numbered cork drum many a time Ive always seem to walk away with the knitted loo roll cosy!
The charity shops proved just as fruitless. We had to make do with our bargains from Aldi. It was jam packed today and old codgers were getting their trolleys in a twist and blogging the isles. One appeared to be in the pay of Aldi and was exclaiming very loudly to all in earshot about the wonderful savings on marmalade and sliced loaves. I know - that's why we come here I felt like saying but just smiled approvingly.
Archie is off today for some reason and so bored he is actually doing some piano practice!
In the news this morning a scientific survey suggesting that teenagers do need a lie in until noon and its not because they are lazy but need 12 hours sleep.
Latest set of collages at Scrapiteria on the theme of Dinner Guests of which the collage above is just one. The new theme is Unnatural Phenomenon ( or something similar ) so that should be fun. I'm off now to find my clippings of three toed sloths.Or three humped camels-

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