Thursday, November 05, 2009

Beer Feeding and Ferdie The Fly Day

Yes, it's 26 years since Hazel and I first went out together and we've been together more or less ever since. We choose the 5th November for our Anniversary as it's quite easy to remember and the evening that sparks flew at the bonfire party in Alsager. I think we did meet up a couple of times before that with friends tagging along - at the Postal Museum in London and in an Alsager pub. I can't remember where Ferdie made an appearance but he seemed much larger then and wore a handy rucksack with a tin bottle of what flies like to drink best. He seems to have lost some weight and aquired a handy embroidered bag with his name on. On the reverse it says "For Mickle xxx"
The Bear Feeding is also an "in joke" of sorts that only very good friends can possibly understand. Come to the Beer Feeding and bring some sparklers. There will be toffee and cakes. Ferdie is welcome too as long as he doesn't sit all over the jelly!


Anonymous said...

or spit all over the food

Roger Stevens said...

Happy Anniversary.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Roger.